Radio Free Security: June 2012 Episode



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Radio Free Security: June 2012 Episode

Dissecting Flame: A Nation-State Cyber Espionage Threat

If you’ve subscribed to our RSS or iTunes feed, you may have noticed June’s episode of Radio Free Security went up a few days ago. I didn’t want to post about it earlier, due to the upcoming U.S. Fourth of July holiday. However, now that you’ve had your fill of fireworks, go check out this month’s informational and educational episode.

For those new to our blog, Radio Free Security (RFS) is a monthly audio podcast dedicated to spreading knowledge about network and information security, and to keeping busy IT administrators apprised of the latest security threats they face online.

June’s episode includes:

  • The Security Spotlight [4:00 - 57:30] – Dissecting Flame: A Nation-State Cyber Espionage Threat. Late last month, researchers discovered a new advanced threat called Flame, which had infected hundreds of Middle Eastern organizations for years. In this month’s spotlight segment,  Ben and I discuss this interesting new malware sample. What does it do, how does it spread, and how can you protect yourself from this type of advanced attack? They also discuss the evidence suggesting that Flame is a government sponsered cyber attack, and what that means for the future of network and information security.
  • Security Story of the Month (SSotM) [58:22 - 1:33:23] – Want to learn about the security highlights from June? Join Christian, Chris, and I in a round-table discussion where we chat about the Linkedin breach, Apple’s new security stance, and intellectual property swiping malware. Which of these big June stories rises to the top? For the answer to that, and a dose of the latest security news, listen to this month’s SSotM segment.

You can always find the latest episode of Radio Free Security at:

Or just listen to June’s episode using the player below [runtime: 1:37:05].

— Corey Nachreiner, CISSP (@SecAdept)

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