Radio Free Security: April 2012 Episode



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Radio Free Security: April 2012 Episode

Securing Your Servers in The Matrix

Radio Free Security (RFS) is a monthly audio podcast dedicated to spreading knowledge about network and information security, and to keeping busy IT administrators apprised of the latest security threats they face online.  Here’s what to expect in April’s episode:

  • April’s Security Spotlight [3:35 - 42:05] – Virtualization, as we know it today,  is like The Matrix for operating systems (OS). Your OS thinks it is running on a “real” computer but it is actually in a “faked” environment, under the control of a higher (or should I say hyper) power. While OS virtualization offers many new solutions, it also presents new security challenges. In this month’s episode, I chat with WatchGuard’s Director of Product Management, Roger Klorese, about the history of virtualization, its security implications, and some solutions to those potential problems. We also discuss two upcoming virtual security solutions from WatchGuard.
  • Security Story of the Month [43:00 - 1:23:10] – I join two new co-hosts, Christian and Chris, to discuss April’s biggest security stories. We talk about about scary new cyber legislation, a big data breach, and a nasty Mac botnet. Which story should most concern you? Find out during this roundtable discussion.

You can always find the latest episode of Radio Free Security at:

Or just listen to April’s episode using the player below [runtime: 1:25:00].

— Corey Nachreiner, CISSP (@SecAdept)

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