WatchGuard Security Week in Review: Episode 13



April 13 , 2012 | Posted by Nachreiner | 3 Comments

WatchGuard Security Week in Review: Episode 13

Flashback Follow-up, Lots of Patches, and MBR Ransomware

In this week’s video, I follow up on Flashback developments, cover the various security updates that came out this week, and warn you about two new interesting malware variants that change their targets or techniques. There’s a lot to learn, so check out this week’s WatchGuard Security Week in Review video below.

For those not interested in video, I share links to all this week’s stories in the Reference section. I had originally intended to cover a few government-related news items in this week’s video, too. However, I decided to cut them due to time. If you’re interested in the new U.S. cyber security act and an interesting new Stuxnet development, I’ve included extra links to those stories as well.

As always, I’d love to hear how to improve these videos, so feel free to leave comments and pass these videos on to your friends and co-workers. (Episode Runtime: 5:57)

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— Corey Nachreiner, CISSP (@SecAdept)

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