Radio Free Security Returns: January 2012 Episode



January 30 , 2012 | Posted by Nachreiner | 4 Comments

Radio Free Security Returns: January 2012 Episode

2011 Security Predictions in Review

Radio Free Security is back!

For the new listeners out there, Radio Free Security (RFS) is a monthly podcast, dedicated to spreading knowledge about network and information security, and to keeping busy IT administrators apprised of the latest security threats they face online. WatchGuard’s LiveSecurity team started RFS back in January, 2007.  However, we’ve been off the air since 2009 — but that all changes today, with our first return episode!

In this return episode, we look back at WatchGuard’s 2011 security predictions. Every year, the WatchGuard security team and I pull out our magic tarot cards to try and predict the security threats and trends you can expect for the upcoming year. In this episode, Tim Helming, Ben Brobak, and I revisit these predictions, which include a wide range of topics (Cyberwar, APTs, and Facebook attacks to name a few). Did we call 2011 correctly, and what did we learn from the results? Listen below to find out.

In the future, I will post Radio Free Security’s monthly podcast to its original RSS feed, which also links to an iTunes version. However, right now we are dusting off those old mechanisms, to get them up again. For now, you can listen to this month’s episode with the SoundCloud link below. If you are new to RFS, I also recommend you check out our archive (iTunes archive) of old shows. Though some of the Security Stories of the Month are old, the general security content and advice is still quite relevant.

[UPDATE] The original SoundCloud link for this episode had a repeated segment (from 00:49:49 to 01:13:49). We have uploaded a fixed version of the episode. I’d like to thank @pdbrown811 for letting us know. If you downloaded the episode before, I recommend you download it again from the new link below. — Corey Nachreiner, CISSP (@SecAdept)

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