WatchGuard Security Week in Review: Episode 1

Zappos Breach, Middle Eastern Cyberwar, Anonymous Returns, & More

Welcome to my first ever episode of WatchGuard Security Week in Review. This vlog — which I hope to bring you weekly — is dedicated to quickly summarizing the biggest network and information security stories from each week. When appropriate, I’ll also share quick tips on how you can protect yourself from some of the threats I talk about.

Normally, I plan to post this weekly vlog late Friday. However, I posted last week’s episode a bit late, due to unexpected production issues with my first attempt at making this. I believe I have my production wrinkles ironed out for next time. So expect the next episode this Friday.

You’ll find the first episode below. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

Episode References:

.  — Corey Nachreiner, CISSP (@SecAdept)

About Corey Nachreiner

Corey Nachreiner has been with WatchGuard since 1999 and has since written more than a thousand concise security alerts and easily-understood educational articles for WatchGuard users. His security training videos have generated hundreds of letters of praise from thankful customers and accumulated more than 100,000 views on YouTube and Google Video. A Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Corey speaks internationally and is often quoted by other online sources, including C|NET, eWeek, and Slashdot. Corey enjoys "modding" any technical gizmo he can get his hands on, and considers himself a hacker in the old sense of the word.

11 Responses to “WatchGuard Security Week in Review: Episode 1”

  1. Yes!!!! Corey, this is so awesome to see you doing this! Can’t wait for more!!

    • Thanks… Will definitely do these weekly summaries as often as possible. Also hope to do occasional “Malware Analysis” videos too.

  2. I really preferr the written newsletters as I read about 1000 WPM and you sure don’t talk that fast. It takes more time to watch the video or even listen to it than to read the newsletters.

    • The first one was definitely overly long. My goal is under five minutes. I will try to talk fast (I actually speak really fast when I present), but worried that my already horrible enunciation would get worse. Good feed back.

      PS. I will still do written posts throughout the week, even when I do this summary.

  3. RFS v.2? Love it Corey! Keep up the good work.

    @ BBytes – That’s what Twitter is for.

    • RFS is coming back. I plan the first episode for the end of the month. We already recorded it, and it recaps 2011, and our past security predictions (how did we do?). The second episode will be on this years predictions.

  4. I would prefer written – it’s too long.

    I prefer to read what I need, and skip over the stuff I don’t. I’ve already read about Zappos…That’s where I turned it off.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I will probably still do the video (though make it shorter), but I will add a text summary as well. Rather than just the links in the Reference section, I’ll add a short sentence describing the incident. That way, the text will include the summary, and you won’t have to watch the video if you don’t want.

  5. I enjoyed it and will be looking to hear more. It’s not a subject that I have to know every detail about and now I can get your highlights weekly. Thumbs-up

  6. I love to share info like this with my friends and colleagues to help keep them safe. Sad that I can not because of the copyright notice at the end of the video.

    • You are welcome to share this with your colleagues. The copyright notice at the end is just to try and keep WatchGuard’s brand around the content, so people know it comes from us. It is not intended to prevent you from sharing the video (It is posted publicly on YouTube, after all). In fact, I used old assets for this video to get it out quickly. I do plan on updating the intro and outro eventually anyway.


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