Firefox Security Update Introduces Java Bug



March 5 , 2011 | Posted by Nachreiner | No Comments

Firefox Security Update Introduces Java Bug

Just last Tuesday, Mozilla released a Firefox update (3.6.14) to fix a bunch of security vulnerabilities. Hopefully, you’ve already applied this browser security patch, and don’t have to worry about any nasty drive-by download those flaws might expose.

However, right on the heels of that release, Mozilla has already posted Firefox 3.6.15. What’s going on?

It appears Mozilla’s 3.6.14 update may have inadvertently introduced some sort of  Java applet loading bug. Luckily, this bug doesn’t seem to expose any new security vulnerabilities. So your browser should still remain secure with 3.6.14. That said, if you experience any Java-related problems in Firefox, you’ll probably want to download and install the 3.6.15 update they just released late Friday.

On the subject of Firefox, if you’re an adventurous user who likes to adopt the latest and greatest as early as possibly, you might want to give Firefox 4 BETA a whirl. I’ve downloaded it myself, and it seems to have sped up my browsing experience a bit. Mozilla also ensures that the latest BETA contain the same security fixes as 3.6.15. Corey Nachreiner, CISSP


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